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4G & 4F Profile Pipe Gaskets

Type 4G and 4F profile gaskets are designed to seal single offset joints in manholes, concrete and other types of pipe.

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The 4G and 4F gaskets are designed to be self centering and require less homing force during pipe joining than an o-ring. They are less like;y to roll, pinch or break bells. Press-Seal can provide sealing deformation curves and we offer gasket design assistance.

Features and Benefits

  • Rubber compounds were developed specifically for concrete pipe sealing
  • Each profile design has been analyzed and optimized for a specific joint configuration
  • Automated processing equipment eliminates variability in sizing
  • Extrusion process is laser-controlled for precise, consistent sizing>

How They Work

  • Wedge design reduces homing force while it concentrates sealing force.
  • Gasket slope creates an entrance angle that helps center the pipe during installation.
  • Unique “Swayback” design reduces push back during pipe installation.
  • Increased rubber mass provides more gasket contact area between gasket and pipe.
  • Less likely to roll, pinch, or break bells.
  • Installation is simple and easy.


  • Sanitary Concrete Pipe Joints
  • Stormwater Concrete Pipe Joints
  • Manhole Joints
  • Box Culvert Joints
  • Elliptical Concrete Pipe Joints

Our 4G & 4F profile pipe gaskets meet or exceed:

  • ASTM C1619 Standard Specification for Elastomeric Seals for Joining Concrete Structures
  • ASTM C443 Standard Specification for Joints for Concrete Pipe and Manholes, Using Rubber Gaskets
  • CSA A257.3 Gaskets for Concrete Pipe
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Basic joint preparation and installation of Press-Seal’s 4G profile gaskets on pipes and manholes.

Gasket TypeGasket Height (Inch)Gasket Height (mm)Typ. Annular Space (Inch)Typ. Annular Space (mm)
33-4G.61015.5 mm.3268.3 mm
39-4G.68517.4 mm.3809.6 mm
200-4G.70017.8 mm.40010.2 mm
207-4G.81820.8 mm.44611.3 mm
210-4G.82621.0 mm.44611.3 mm
44-4G.73218.6 mm.44611.3 mm
50-4G.79920.3 mm.50012.7 mm
288-4G.90823.1 mm.50012.7 mm
290-4F (PS-23).91823.3 mm.50012.7 mm
59-4G.89022.6 mm.60015.2 mm
535-4G.97024.6 mm.60015.2 mm
158-4G.60815.4 mm.76519.4 mm