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O-Ring Pipe Gasket

Press-Seal O-Ring concrete pipe gasket for concrete pipe utilizing a confined groove. The straightforward design fits perfectly with the necessary joint for a perfect fit every time.

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Based on the standards set forth in ASTM C 361 or ASTM C 1628 and the physical properties of the gasket materials are outlined in ASTM C 1619, Class A, you’re ensured a quality product meeting the highest standards possible.

Our O-Ring gaskets are available in a wide variety of sizes and polymers to meet any pipe or manhole application.

Several different rubber compounds are commonly used for concrete pipe gaskets. Selection of the appropriate compound depends on the physical properties and chemical resistance needed for the specific application. The following rubber compounds are standard materials for gasket extrusion. Special compounds are also available upon request.

  • Polyisoprene (IR)- Properties are similar to those of natural rubber. Low cost; 1.0-3.5 ksi tensile strength; 300-750% elongation (-)60-180ºF temperature range; excellent compression set and rebound rating; excellent cracking, tear, abrasion, water, acid and impact resistance
  • Neoprene (chloroprene) (CR)- Very good ozone, cracking and sunlight resistance; 0.5-2.5 ksi tensile strength; 100-800% elongation (-)80-300ºF temperature range; excellent flame, abrasion, impact, oxidation and acid resistance; good water, petroleum and hydrocarbon oil resistance
  • Nitrile (NBR)- Excellent water, tear, abrasion, hydrocarbon oil and petroleum resistance; 1.0-2.5 ksi tensile
    strength; 400-650% elongation; (-)40-300ºF temperature range; excellent compression set

Our O-Ring pipe gasket meets the following standards

  • ASTM C 1619 Standard Specification for Elastomeric Seals for Joining Concrete Structures
  • ASTM C 443 Standard Specification for Joints for Concrete Pipe and Manholes, Using Rubber Gaskets
  • ASTM C 361 Standard Specification for Reinforced Concrete Low-Head Pressure Pipe
  • CSA A 257.3 Gaskets for Concrete Pipe