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PSX: Direct Drive 8QRS

The 8QRS PSX: Direct Drive provides a simple method for installing small diameter pipes into manholes or other structures. The unique design of 8QRS allows it to be easily adapted to 1-1/2” to 4” (38 – 100 mm) PVC pipes, either in the plant or in the field.

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The reliable tempered series 304 stainless steel power sleeve allows for easy adjustment in almost any 8” cored or cast hole for a watertight connection.

  • Sections are cut off to adapt to different PVC pipe sizes.
  • The connector fits into a cast or cored hole.
  • A power sleeve made from tempered series 304 stainless steel expands with a certified installation wrench.
  • Take-up clamps made from series 304 stainless steel with quick adjusting screws secure the connector to the pipe.
  • Adaptability to a range of PVC pipe sizes all in one connector.
  • Safely install the connector from the outside of the manhole.
  • All stainless-steel components with no welds or rivets creating a stronger product.
  • Precision molding provides accurate compensation for hole size variations.
  • Contractor can save time and money by backfilling immediately.