Press-Seal Western Division, formally known as JK Polysource, is your western supplier of precast products for infrastructure.

We are in the process of developing more product literature and information for your convenience – these documents are temporary during the transition from JK to Press-Seal.

Diamond Core Bits

Rock-Weld Diamond core drilling bits, use the highest quality diamonds uniquely placed throughout entire segment providing long lasting bit life with faster coring times. The bits are specifically designed for the application of diamond core drilling precast manhole structures.

Standard sizes 2’-54”. Resegmenting available. Custom diameters and lengths upon request.

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JK-M860 Joint Wrap

External joint wrap M-860 is a pre-formed, cold applied, self-adhering material that is impermeable to water and salt. The adhesive is manufactured from specially formulated elastomeric resins bonded to a woven highly puncture resistant polymer. Blended in the adhesive is an “integrated primer”. The adhesive is protected in roll form by an easily removed polymer release liner.External joint wrap M-860 has been designed to provide a watertight seal on concrete and metal surfaces. It has a tough woven polypropylene backing combined with an extra thick layer of synthetic elastomeric adhesive sealant with integrated primer. It resists severe soil stress on underground applications such as concrete pipe, manholes, septic tanks, vaults and works well on three sided bridges. It can be applied to clean, dry concrete without a primer. (Primer is recommended for temperatures below freezing.)
For use on:

  • Concrete Pipe
  • Manholes
  • Septic Tanks
  • Vaults
  • Three-sided Bridges
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Manhole Steps

In 1969 M.A. Industries invented the steel reinforced plastic manhole step becoming the standard against which all other manhole steps are measured. Through the years MA has developed over 20 different designs of manhole steps for various applications to meet the needs of the public utilities industry throughout North America. All MA steps meet or exceed any and all applicable ASTM, AASHTO, OSHA requirements.

Along the way, M.A. Industries has developed innovative practices and products to make installation safer, simpler and user friendly. It’s all part of a continual process to meet the needs of our customers. MA’s PF steps coupled with MA’s PF Step Inserts offers the safest possible installation method. This combination of MA PF steps and inserts eliminates many potential installation problems. Its user-friendly, simplifies installation and saves time.

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Pipe Joint Lubricant

POLYLUBE – 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon pails

  • Economical and NSF Approved
  • General Purpose – Soap Based – Non Toxic
  • Temperature Range: 32° to 140°F

Polylube Ultra – Quart, Gallon and 5 Gallon pails

  • Wider Temperature Range: 10° to 140°F
  • NSF approved for potable water systems
  • Contains no petroleum

Poly Prolube – (VSL-25)Sub-Aqueous

  • Resists wash-off
  • Temperature Range: 32° to 120°F
  • Will not support bacteria or cause gasket swelling

We certify that Polylube and Polylube Plus have been tested in accordance with ASTM C-497 and approved by NSF / ANSI for drinking water systems.

Precast Forms

Experience the rapid form setting and stripping the Precise Forms aluminum forming system provides for today’s aggressive and competitive Precaster. The Precise Forms 36″ modulation reduces the number of forms handled typically by 1/3 over the traditional 24″ wide forming system. This equates to reduced labor and less crew fatigue. Each time a 36″ wide form is handled your picking up 50% more square footage of forming for approximately the same weight as a 24″ wide steel or steel and plywood system.

Precise Forms developed another labor saving method for the progressive Precaster. Make monolithic pours of a five sided box with the Precise Forms Deck Adapter system. This system allows the pouring of the walls and deck in a single pour. The deck system can be lifted into position and removed as a single unit. Once the deck plate is assembled, there is no need to break it down which allows multiple pours and saves labor expense to assemble the deck multiple times.

RamNek Joint Sealant

Ram-Nek Preformed Flexible Plastic Gasket will seal everything from storm sewer pipes, box culverts and manholes to septic tanks, utility vaults and wet wells. Available in strips and coils. Meets Federal Specification SS-S-210 (210-A), AASHTO M-198 75 1 and ASTM C990-09.

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Rubr-Nek Joint Wrap

Rubr-Nek external joint wrap is an easy to apply protective film that self heals against punctures and has excellent mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability. This protective wrap has been carefully configured for ease of application by hand and to provide an effective and long term seal for a wide range of concrete joints. RUBR’NEK is available in 6″, 9”, and 12″ widths.

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Steel Spacers

Weststern States Steel Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes through its network of seven facilities, a complete line of steel spacers for the concrete pipe and precast industry in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The corporation holds numerous patents on a variety of spacers. In addition to manufacturing spacers for single cage pipe, double cage pipe, elliptical pipe, and box culverts, we also manufacture specialty wire formed products for non-
standard applications.

Test Cylinder Molds

For consistent quality, MA Industries’ plastic disposable concrete test cylinder molds are as good as it gets. Available in four sizes 6” x 12”, 4” x 8”, 3’ x 6” and 2’ x 4”, MA molds enjoy an excellent reputation for maintaining its shape and ease of stripping. To meet the exact standards of ASTM and AASHTO requirements, we go to extra lengths to monitor raw materials and production processes to ensure a quality product. Different types of reusable lids are available for all size molds as well as stripping tools, rubber breaking pads and restraining dishes.

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Vault Conduit Terminators

For concrete utility manholes and vaults, MA Industries manufactures an extensive line of quality products such as duct terminators, pulling irons and pockets, sump pans and ½” threaded inserts. We make setup and installation a “snap.” In our ongoing efforts to make our products easy to install, we offer a snap-together grid system and rubber locators for building terminator banks, snap-off locators for ½” threaded inserts, snap-together pulling irons and pockets, snap-on lids for sump pans and snap-off clamps for unistrut.

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