Jim Skinner Press-Seal CorporationAfter many years as the team leader here at Press-Seal Corporation, Annie and I are looking forward to stepping back and spending more time with each other.  We want to thank everyone in the underground industry for their fabulous support in helping make our company an industry leader in sealing collection systems.  It has truly been a pleasure to lead all the people that make Press-Seal such a great place to work.  It is our teammates and our customers that deserve the credit for the success we have enjoyed.

Often when a long-time leader steps aside to let others lead, people try to make a large deal of the change. I am pleased to tell you that as customers of our company, there is very little to worry about.  This February 20th I will become Executive Chairman and will remain involved in the governance and planning for the future of Press-Seal. My long standing Director of Operations, Mr. John Kaczmarczyk will become President.  I am totally confident that I am replacing myself with a much better leader for the future.

John has over ten years’ experience in his present role in our company and has skills that far surpass my own.  John has not only transformed our company into a lean manufacturer, but he also shares my enthusiasm for teamwork, product quality and customer satisfaction.  Together we have been planning this transition for over five years and I cannot tell you how proud I am to have such a great person to run our family company.  I have learned loads from John.  Our sons will continue to lead in their roles and continue to be groomed for the future by John and all their fellow teammates.

So as the title change occurs, it seems like a pebble being dropped in a quiet pond rather than a tidal wave crashing the shoreline causing upheaval and destruction.  Even after the Title Change I will still have an office here at Press-Seal and I will be available to return your calls from anywhere Annie and I may be.  Thank you for your friendship and your business in the past and in the future.

Jim Skinner

Press-Seal Heart Values