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Press-Seal Sales Team Brundage

Press-Seal is proud to announce that our sales team continues to grow by adding yet another veteran of the rubber industry. Dan Brundage, formerly of Firestone Industrial Products, will be responsible for the lower Midwest territory including Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri and southern Wisconsin. Starting as a Manufacturers Representative for Firestone covering Florida and […]

Career Exploration North Side

Employee retention and attraction continues to be one of the top priorities for hiring managers and executives at all levels of companies across the country no matter how large or small. Our ongoing effort to attract and educate the youth of today continued this past Wednesday as nearly 50 students from North Side High School […]

Nitrile (Buna-N) and Chloroprene (neoprene) are the materials of choice when looking for oil-resistant pipe gaskets. However, the additional physical properties that these rubber compounds require to achieve oil-resistance have a major impact on compounding, processing and shelf life – which in turn has a major impact on availability, cost and installation. Pipe Gaskets and […]

Employee retention luncheon university of Saint Francis

Employee retention and attraction has become one of the top priorities for leadership in 2017. If the strategy to attract employees is not coupled with a retention strategy, you risk losing the employees you’ve worked so hard to recruit. Do you have a written strategic plan for not only recruiting valuable employees, but retaining them […]

Large Cast A Seal in concrete monobend

Cast-in seals for precast structures are unique for a lot of reasons and you’re here reading this because you have questions about the seal, right? So let us fill you in on 5 misconceptions you might have. Complicated Seal Costs More Because the seal is cast into the structure, you might think it’s a more […]