About Press-Seal

Family-Owned Business

Press-Seal Corporation is a family-owned business founded in 1954 in the Midwest. Born from the necessity to protect our planet's clean water supply, we've been designing and manufacturing rubber gaskets for underground containment systems for over half-a-century. But now we are much more.

We are a leader in the design and manufacture of sealing products for underground collection systems worldwide. Our commitment to providing sealing solutions has produced many patented products for sanitary sewers, storm water and on-site wastewater systems.

But we also know that we’re going to spend nearly 1/3 of our lives at work and the well-being of our team is critical to everyone’s success. So we've taken a page out of the Silicon Valley playbook and infused a cool culture that most manufacturers would never dream of doing. The value of our employees, their well-being and the health of this company starts with them.

So call or stop in today because our team is ready and willing to make your parts, but we also want to make partnerships that last a lifetime.

Customer Service

Press-Seal prides itself on the knowledge and experience we give to our customers every single day. When you dial-up our offices, you get to speak to a real person. Not an automated computer asking you to go through a menu of options just to get an answer or place an order.

You can call us right now and place an order without any delays in delivery.

Speaking of inventory – we have not one, but two dedicated logistic warehouses stocked with the inventory you need. So if you’re in Spokane Washington, we have a logistic warehouse in Nevada ready to serve you. Or if you’re in Amesbury Massachusetts, we deliver straight to you from our Fort Wayne warehouse.

Quality Control

At Press-Seal, our long-standing commitment to quality and the environment is reinforced by our ISO 9001 registration and ISO 14001:2004 compliance, as well as our membership and participation in industry groups and standards organizations.

We have a team of dedicated technicians documenting and tracking the entire production process from start to finish.

Press-Seal is also the only manhole gasket company developing its own rubber in-house allowing us to control and monitor the production process from start to finish.