• 4G Pipe Gasket Installation

    the 4G series can be used on manholes or pipe joints and is used on a single offset joint. Start with proper cleaning of the joint to prepare the structure or pipe for top performance of the gasket.

  • 5S Visual Management

    Sort. Set in order. Shine. Standardize. Sustain. It's a culture we live by and our employees are living proof that a safe, neat and clean working environment makes for a more profitable company.

  • Boot Connector Inspection – What to look for when the gasket arrives

    When a manhole boot connector arrives at your facility, it's important that you know what type of quality control measures you can take to ensure you have the proper boot for the job.

  • CAS 12-08 Installation

    An easy 5-step installation process of the CAS 12-08 pipe to manhole connector. This boot connector can save you time by eliminating a coring or casting step for precast producers.

  • Cast-A-Seal 12-08 Installation

    To install the CAS 12-08 you have the outside face and you're going to face it to the outside of the manhole and seats in properly. Then attach the inside orange ring to the outside face.

  • Cast-A-Seal 603 Install

    Territory manager Dan Brundage shows us how the Cast-A-Seal 603 is folded and placed on a polyethylene mandrel for installation on 48" manholes or straight wall structures

  • Cast-A-Seal 964 Open-Face Installation

    Sales territory manager Gary Jones gives us an overview of how to install the Cast-A-Seal 964 open face boot connector for manholes.

  • Conexus Indiana Touchstone Award

    Hire Tech is important to us because it gives us a chance to impact the lives of young people. It's part of our "Making manufacturing cool again" initiative. The work we do isn't superficial. It matters.

  • Core-Matic Manhole Coring Machine

    The need in the precast industry to be more efficient and productive manufacturer was seen by Press-Seal and Marion Engineering. With short design cycles and advances in technology, we give our customers a smoother process.

  • Corefast 3000 Railway Coring Machine

    The Corefast 3000 was developed specifically for rail and transit repairs. This coring machine was designed to make it easy to move on and off the track quickly.

  • Econonseal for 4″ – 15″ Pipes

    The Econoseal is a simple cast-in pipe-to-manhole connector for storm water and sanitary collection systems that offers an easy installation process in precast production facilities or in the field for contractors.

  • Econoseal 18″ and Larger Installation

    This is our installation video for our 18-30" PVC pipes using the Econoseal connector and our aluminum mandrel with easy-to-use torsion springs.

  • Econoseal Installation

    Econoseal isa cast in compression seal for storm or sanitary sewer manholes that simplifies you're manufacturing process. With precision mandrel forms, they set up quickly and easily are removed.

  • EZ Wrap Butyl Sealant Overview

    Product Development Engineer Dan Gunckel gives us a simple overview of the butyl sealants we provide for manholes and pipes.

  • Installation of Kwik Seal Compression Gasket

    Learn the simple tips and tricks on how easy it is to install the Kwik Seal compression gasket in a manhole.

  • Kwik Seal Installation

    Kwik Seal pipe to manhole connector can be used for waste or storm water collection systems. It can be used in a cast or cored hole. Follow the installation procedures carefully for maximum performance.

  • Kwik Seal Testimonial

    Rick Charles, a Production Coordinator with Precon Manufacturing tells us why his company loves our Kwik Seal pipe-to-manhole connectors so much. They've had tremendous product in the field and 100% leak free in 5-years!

  • Manhole Connector – TakeUp Clamp Tutorial

    In this short video we show you how our take-up clamps and T-handle torque wrench work very well at taking up slack on a manhole connector using a concrete pipe.

  • Precast Testimonials

    Whether you're looking for a partnership to help you succeed or the personnel standing behind the product, our long standing relationships with customers is what makes us a better company. Without our customers, we do not succeed.

  • Press-Seal Featured on 21Alive News

    A featured story on 21Alive News gives you an opportunity to see just how diverse and highly skilled our company has become. We're producing sealing solutions for a wide range of industries and it's just going to keep growing.

  • Press-Seal Recruitment Video

    Factories are suppose to be dirty dangerous places where the work is too hard and the hours are too long. But we pride ourselves on being a manufacturing company that keeps our teammates safe and our facility in top notch condition.

  • Protecting Our Infrastructure

    America's infrastructure is failing. An ASCE Report Card graded our waste and storm water systems as a D+ We're going to have to spend over $300 billion in the next 20-years to repair pipes and systems.

  • PSX: Direct Drive Installation

    PSX: Direct Drive has 3 unique wrenches and features that are far superior to our competition. Before you install any connector, hole preparation is critical to it's performance.

  • RFS Gasket Installation

    RFS prelubricated pipe gaskets provide simple and reliable sealing of joints in concrete pipe, manholes and other precast concrete products.

  • RFS Manhole Gasket Installation

    In a few short steps, contractors will find that the ease of use and time saved during installation will make the RFS manhole gasket their new favorite pre-lubricated gasket to install.

  • Storage of Pipe Gaskets and Manhole Connectors

    Quality Manager, Brad Carpenter spends a few minutes explaining some simple tips we can use to store our pipe gaskets or manhole connectors properly so that we get the best performance.