Lubricants, Wraps and Butyl Sealants

Infrastructure projects require certain levels of sealing capabilities and our butyl sealants, all rubber wraps and joint lubricants provide you the best chance of getting a watertight seal the first time.

Crete Stik Butyl Joint Sealant

Crete Stik butyl/bitumen blend joint sealant is a rope form joint sealant that will not shrink, crack or dry out.

PRO-STIK Butyl Sealant

Pro-Stik is an all weather butyl rubber sealant for concrete joints. Butyl sealants are far superior to mastic made from oil or asphalt because they are rubber based.


The EZ-Stik butyl rubber all-weather joint sealant in rope form seals all forms of underground concrete and containment structures watertight.


EZ-Wrap is an extruded butyl adhesive tape designed to provide high strength, watertight seals on properly primed concrete surfaces and concrete structure joints.


EZ-WRAP PAKS are packages of 6" EZ-WRAP Plastic precut for 48", 60", or 72" manhole joints.

Spray Adhesive

Our general purpose Spray Adhesive is a fast drying, super strength adhesive for bonding rubber to concrete and other substrates. The rubber cement is conveniently packaged in aerosol cans making it easy for contractors to use in the field.

Concrete Lubricant (Polylube)

Our standard pipe gasket joint lubricant comes in three different varieties – Ultra, 32 (regular) and Sub-Aqueous.


The EZ-STIK #4 Primer is a solvent based mixture of rubber adhesives, low viscosity gel-type. Its primary use is to promote adhesion of butyl tapes and wraps to concrete surfaces and is designed for dripless paint brush application to concrete surfaces.

EZ-STIK Trowelable Sealant

EZ-Stik #3 is a trowelable butyl sealant suitable for pumping or trowel dispensing onto concrete structures.

Pipe Joint Lubricant (CLASSIC)

Pipe joint lubricant for concrete pipe that is applicable as a regular pipe joint lubricant or can be used as an underwater lube.

Cellular Joint Filler

Our Closed Cell Joint Filler is a flexible, compressible material that easily fills difficult joints in concrete pipes and structures.