Corrugated HDPE Products

Corrugated Pipe Adapter

The corrugated pipe adapter gasket is a rubber adapter ring that fits closely into the corrugation of the pipe, creating a smooth exterior diameter for connecting the pipe to a manhole or other types of structures.

  • Used in wastewater or stormwater systems
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM F 2510, ASTM C 1478, ASTM D 2321, Section 7.10 – Manhole Connections

HDPE Waterstop Gaskets

HDPE Waterstop is a rubber ring which is compressed around the pipe circumference using stainless steel clamps, preventing infiltration and exfiltration between the HDPE Waterstop and the pipe. It is then either grouted into an existing structure, or has a new structure poured around it.


Polydeuces is our premiere plastic corrugated pipe gasket meticulously engineered for superior performance. All HDPE and Polypropylene pipe gaskets must comply with ASTM F477. In addition, have a minimum of 1800 psi tensile strength and a Shore A Hardness durometer of 40 to 55 throughout the entire cross-sectional area of the profile, including the sealing portion of the gasket. T

PSX: Multi-T Lateral Pipe Connector

PSX: Multi-T is a patent pending lateral pipe connector solution for corrugated HDPE/HDPP pipe installation that simplifies your inventory and is designed to make installation simple.

Strap Wrap

Strap Wrap is designed to join similar pipe types to other pipes in the field. A mastic layer provides a connection, while a woven layer protects the wrap from tears or punctures. Clamps and ratchets are available for securing the wrap to the pipe, and they can be adjusted easily.