Today’s manufacturing environment demands fast, efficient and accurate products. With an increased focus on quality and cost reduction, manufacturing has been forced to become more nimble and adaptable.

Press-Seal has successfully provided products and services to solve challenges for a variety of markets across the nation and around the world for over a half-century.

Rail Products

Unique solutions have always required unique production capabilities. With each problem our customer has presented, we've taken our engineering knowledge and applied a solution. The outcome of each solution required a manufacturing process that did or might have included:

  • Rubber extrusion: Varieties of materials such as isoprene, EPDM or nitrile with a capacity of 30,000lbs per day
  • Thermoplastic molding: Medical grade servo-electric machines that have over mold capabilities using engineer grade polymers
  • Rubber molding: Modern injection and compression rubber molding presses ranging in shot size from 12-20 pounds and material variety
Custom Capabilities

As we've expanded into different markets over the years, we've been able to produce plastic, rubber and precision tooling products for a variety of industries. Some of the main products we've been able to manufacture are:

  • Medical instruments for surgeries
  • Seals for semi-trailers
  • Nylon inserts for concrete rail ties
  • Transit rail tie pads made of rubber extrusion
  • Jack straps for pickup trucks
  • Glass filled nylon parts for marine motors