Grout, Hole Formers, Inserts, Magnets

Avanti AV-202 Hydrophilic Grout

AV-202 Multigrout is a single component, moisture activated MDI/TDI blended polyurethane injection resin. Designed for sealing active water leaks in large cracks or joints in concrete structures, it can absorb up to 12 times its weight in water creating a tough, impermeable foam or gel with superb adhesive qualities. AV-202 Multigrout is certified by UL for NSF/ANSI 61 - Drinking Water System Components.

Fiberglass Hole Formers

Fiberglass Hole Formers are available for manholes, straight wall structures, and for offset holes in lift stations and wet wells. Sizes from 8′′ to 56′′ diameters in a variety of wall thicknesses. Also available with high-strength magnets for convenient mounting to form cores.

Magnets for Hole Formers

Interchangeable high strength magnets together with a fiberglass hole former shell provides the fastest and easiest way to hold hole former's in place; saving time and money. Magnets are easily transferred from one hole former to another, reducing the number needed. Each magnet has more than 300 pounds of force for secure mounting of hole former's.

Manhole Lift System

The Press-Seal Manhole Lift System is an easy and safe method of placing precast concrete manholes, catch basins and other structures in the field. Inexpensive inserts are cast into the structure and reusable ductile iron locking lift eyes make the system economical and reliable. The Lift System has been tested to OSHA requirements and has more than 20 years of demonstrated safe performance. Each lift point is rated to 3600 lbs. A complete design and installation manual is available.

Pro-Former HDPE Hole Formers

Polyethylene hole former that is nearly indestructible. Made with low draft taper for use with pipe to manhole connectors. Available for round and straight wall structures. Used with our patented magnetic holding device.

Red Gasket Adhesive

Press-Seal Red Gasket Adhesive #1-326 is a custom-formulated contact adhesive that readily bonds rubber to any clean, dry concrete surface.