Capabilities & Facility

Press-Seal Corporation is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of rubber sealing products for underground collection systems. With over 300,000 square feet of space spanning two buildings at our Fort Wayne campus and an additional 25,000 square feet at our Western Division in Reno Nevada, we are strategically located to provide our products and services across North America.

Founded in 1954 in the Midwest, family-owned since 1964 and preparing to enter our third-generation of family ownership, Press-Seal has evolved from a pipe gasket supplier into a diverse corporation servicing a variety of industries and markets. We were born from the necessity to seal pipes and we’ve strategically grown into a distinct sealing solutions corporation.

Press-Seal products can be found in markets including, but not limited to, infrastructure, metrology, automotive, medical, marine, rail and aerospace.

  • Rubber gaskets that are chemical resistant
  • Molded rubber meeting deep bury and lifespan requirements
  • Weather resistant trailer door seals
  • Glass filled nylon inserts for railroad & transit
  • High precision medical devices
  • Thermoplastic molded parts for marine applications

As we’ve evolved, we vertically integrated production processes to create a consistent supply chain and a line of products that can grow as the markets dictate.

  • Rubber injection presses
  • Tight tolerance rubber extrusion
  • Medical grade servo-electric molding
  • On-site rubber mixing
  • Precision tooling with tolerances down to .002”
  • Rapid prototyping FEA software