Rail & Transit

We provide innovative railroad fasteners and a full-line of track work equipment for transit and Class 1 systems. Press-Seal Corporation strives to be the highest quality supplier to the rail and transit authorities in North America.

Our rail technology in transit, tunnel, freight and precast customers are designed to be fully comprehensive and individually focused. Listening to our customers optimizes the performance of our parts and gives stronger synergy to the relationships we develop.

Customers rely on Press-Seal for design intent and application assistance to provide a near perfect solution to an otherwise challenging problem. It’s this unique cooperation that brings customers back to Press-Seal time and again.

Railroad Production Capabilities

We focus on products that fit into the wheelhouse of our production capabilities when it comes to rubber, plastic or high-precision tooling. Our state-of-the-art facility in northeast Indiana has knowledge and experience in

  • Rubber extrusion
  • Rubber molding
  • Thermoplastic molding

With the ability to mold or extrude materials such as isoprene, EPDM, nitrile or neoprene, we find that our rubber product solutions for railroad ties have become a unique product line that can save and/or extend the life of railroad infrastructure.

The main function of railroad tie pads are to reduce the fatigue and cracking of the concrete. This is believed to be caused by vibration and impact of passing trains.

Our thermoplastic molding capabilities can cover a diverse set of needs for many different markets. And we have decades of experience in the processes of this type of manufacturing. In particular, we design and fabricate tens of thousands of our Insulguard railroad fasteners for a variety of companies around the country.

The Insulguard fastener product line is an economical and easy to use system offering many benefits such as:

  • Superior electrical insulation
  • Elimination of stray current
  • No galvanic corrosion of fastening system
  • Excellent long-term tensile strength

Through years of experience, technology advances and engineering knowledge, Press-Seal Corporation can provide all of your inserts, bolts, adhesives and core drilling machines.

Gary Jones

Gary Jones

Gary is our lead sales rep for the Rail Products division at Press-Seal as well as our Eastern Territory Manager for our infrastructure products


What Can We Do?

  • Rail drilling machines

  • Extrude and mold rubber

  • Stainless steel machining

  • Fabrication and design

  • High tolerance testing

  • Waterjet cutting

  • Freight & transit products

  • Post installation service & support

  1. In what applications can your inserts be used?

    Our rail inserts can be used in a variety of applications such as direct fixation fasteners, guard rails, PTC Control brackets, switch plates or third rail posts

  2. What are your inserts made of?

    Our inserts can be produced from high strength steel, glass reinforced nylon, ductile iron, stainless steel or weathering steel.

  3. What sizes are your inserts?

    Press-Seal rail inserts have a 1/2″ to 1-1/4″ internal thread and can be 2″ to 10″ in length. We also offer the same product with metric threads if needed.

  4. How are your rail pads used?

    Rubber rail pads can be used under control switch plates to prevent stray current and can also help with vibration control. They can control stray current on steel bridges or act as a noise reducer in a transit system.

  5. What products do you have that help control stray current?

    We can design and manufacture rubber rail pads that are electrically non-conductive as well as our GF nylon rail inserts. Steel and ductile iron inserts can be epoxy coated for stray current control.