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Insulfast Adhesive

  • Meets or exceeds ASTM C881-90, Grade 3, Class A,B,C
  • Solvent free and low odor
  • Excellent for large gaps
  • Non-moisture sensitive

Concrete anchor adhesive is used in anchoring threaded bolts, dowels or pins. Whether you’re looking to anchor direct fixation plates, track inserts or third rail brackets, our Insulguard Anchoring Adhesive is formulated to give you the best possible solution to your railway maintenance and transit needs.

The special formulation of this concrete anchor adhesive cures very quickly and meets very demanding structural and non-structural applications in concrete – specifically in railway ties.

As a solvent free and low odor adhesive, the Insulguard Anchoring Adhesive still provides some of the highest strength testing in the railway maintenance market today.

The adhesive is non-shrink and this provides end-users the comfort to know that even large gaps can be filled without the fear of the adhesive shrinking.

Where to Use the Insulguard Concrete Anchoring Adhesive

Because of its ability to be moisture insensitive, instead of reacting to water like some adhesives will do, our concrete anchoring adhesive can be used in a variety of places during railway maintenance or installation. Places such as:

  • Direct fixation plates
  • Single and double stem shoulders
  • Track inserts
  • Third rail brackets
  • Restraining rail
  • Guard rail
  • Catenary tower bases

Features and Benifits

  • Cartridge sizes to match your application, (Bulk also available)
  • Mixing nozzle assures proper ratio when applied
  • Long working time with fast cure