Do you need a simple way of knowing what PSX: Direct Drive product you need?

We’ve created this easy-to-use cheat sheet to help you in your decision process based off of certain criteria.

The Direct Drive uses 3-types of wrenches for torquing the stainless steel expansion mechanism and we’ve outlined them here based off of hole size, manhole minimum size, pipe accommodation size and even the minimum span/rise for straight walls.

Of course you can always refer to the cross-reference chart for more detailed information and use this chart as a quick reference guide.

A Quick PSX: Direct Drive Reference

If you’re looking for a quick idea on how a PSX: Direct Drive will work with your project, check out these quick list of typical sizes and the coordinating colored wrenches.

  • 8″ hole uses a black wrench
  • 16″ hole uses a blue wrench
  • 22″ hole uses a red wrench
  • 24-30″ is the minimum size round manhole used with the black wrench
  • 36″ round manholes are used with the blue wrench
  • 42-84″ round manholes use the red wrench
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