Boot connectors come in a wide range of sizes and types for different applications, but one thing that remains the same are take-up clamps. These take-up clamps are used to secure the boot connector to the pipe using a 304 stainless steel clamp.

In today’s episode of Press-Seal U, territory manager Sean Fowler shows us how to install the clamp on a PSX: Direct Drive. But he also mentions that other products that use these are our PSX: Nylo Drive, Cast-A-Seal 603’s, 12-08’s and more.

Installing with T-Handle Torque Wrench
When installing any quantity of bands on the boot connector, it’s important that you start with the groove closest to the structure. And as you’ll see in the video, Sean shows us how easy it is in a few short steps.

1.      Insert pipe into home position

2.      Place clamp in groove closest to structure

3.      Take the calibrated 60in/lb t-handle torque wrench and place on head of housing

4.      As you turn, you’ll wait for the wrench to make a “click” or “cracking” sound – this tells you that you’ve reached the appropriate level of sealing

5.      If required, place next clamp into 2nd furthest groove from structure

6.      Rinse and repeat

It’s that simple. But there’s a question you’re dying to ask – can’t I just use a regular wrench or screw gun?

Can I Install with a Cordless Drill or Regular Wrench?
Although conveniently found at almost any job site, Press-Seal strongly discourages using these non-calibrated tools for installing the take-up clamps for two main reasons.

·        Reason #1 is the calibration – unless your wrench or screw gun are specifically calibrated to the right in/lbs, you run the risk of under or over tightening the take-up clamps

·        The #2 reason is damage to the take-up clamps – we have seen instances where the high RPM’s of a power drill has stripped or damaged the teeth in the housing causing it to slip on the band. This type of error can cost you time and money trying to fix the problem or waiting to receive new bands at the job site

How Many Clamps Do I Need?
As we mentioned earlier, certain sizes of boot connectors require more than one clamp and we’ve included a simplified chart below to show you how many you would need for