When installing a manhole boot such as the PSX: Direct Drive or PSX: Nylo Drive, we have an installation wrench that is certified and calibrated to ensure the best possible seal in a structure.

On today’s episode of Press-Seal U, a long-time veteran of Press-Seal, Mark Emmons, joins us to give a quick overview of the three main wrenches and what they’re used for in the field or in the precast plant.

There are three wrenches and three different colors
The most common wrench is the black wrench which is a 7/16 wrench calibrated to 12 ft/lbs and does the more common 8” – 14” hole sizes.

The next size up is the blue  ½” wrench calibrated to 20 ft/lbs and installs into 14” – 20” hole sizes.

The third most common is the large red wrench that is 5/8” calibrated to 60 ft/lbs and installs in hole sizes 22” and above.

  • Black wrench: 7/16 – 12ft/lbs – 8” thru 14” hole sizes
  • Blue wrench: ½ – 20 ft/lbs – 14” thru 20” hole sizes
  • Red wrench: 5/8 – 60 ft/lbs 22” hole sizes and above

What about the PSX: Nylo Drive wrench?

The black 7/16 wrench is available for the PSX: Nylo Drive for 11” thru 12” holes and there is also the white 9/16 installation wrench set to 30 ft/lbs for 16” hole sizes.

Do I have to use an installation wrench?

One of the most common questions Mark and the customer service team receives is whether or not they have to use our installation wrench to install the manhole boot, and the answer is absolutely yes.

Without having the proper torque on the installation mechanism on the inside of the manhole boot, you could be risking an improper installation. And an improper installation means the risk of leaks is much greater.

  1. Too much torque can cause the mechanism to fail because it’s been over-torqued
  2. Not enough torque can mean the manhole boot is installed too loose

How do I know if my wrench will work?

Our calibration program is a free service offered to all of our customers that ensures you’re using the proper installation wrench every time.

Mark explains that our territory managers are able to visit your precast plant with a calibration tester. Once in the facility, they can verify that the tool is working properly or incorrectly. Additionally, during the test, the territory manager will fill out a document for you that you can use for NPCA certification.

Do I have to buy a wrench for every boot I install?

No you do not. You can install numerous manhole boots with a single installation wrench and as mentioned above, as long as they’re calibrated and maintained, they can last for quite some time.

However, if you’re not a precast producer and just need to install one or two, we do offer a loaning program.

For example, if you’re a contractor and need to install only a few, you simply pay for the wrench and once it’s returned, we credit back to you the full cost.

This is another way we ensure that all of our manhole boots are being installed with the proper wrench.