A Cast-A-Seal 603 is a very popular cast-in boot connector for manholes or straight wall structures requiring PVC pipe. And on today’s episode, territory manager Dan Brundage shows us how easy it is to install on a polyethylene mandrel.

What kind of mandrel do I use?

As seen in the video a mandrel provided by Press-Seal is made of a polyethylene material, however precast producers can create their own mandrels. It’s not uncommon to see our customers make them out of Styrofoam, the host pipe or even a metal ring.

The most commonly used material would be the Styrofoam.

Our polyethylene mandrel is very popular because of its durability and life expectancy. If cared for properly after each install and maintained consistently, the polyethylene becomes a much more cost efficient mandrel.

Why is my connector unfolded when it arrives?

In the video, Dan explains that the smaller 8” and 10” connectors are pre-folded at our factory here in Fort Wayne, however the larger sizes 12” – 18” are not.

The reason behinds this is because the larger sizes just will not hold in the folding position during shipment. Installation of all sizes is the same and that’s where Dan shows us just how easy it is to install on the mandrel.

How do I fold and install on the mandrel?

The most important part of installing on any mandrel is first making sure that the mandrel surface is clean and clear of debris. Next, we follow just a few simple steps to install:

1.      Ensure keylock of connector is down and the red stripe is facing outwards

2.      Flip 1/3 of the connector inward and then fold again inward

3.      Rotate connector 180 degrees and have keylock facing upward

4.      Pushing with one hand at the 9 O’clock position, simply roll the connector inward and work your way 360 degrees around the mandrel

5.      Now push down the connector until its seated against ledge of mandrel

6.      Locate the casting ring and align the parting lines up with the parting lines of the mandrel

Finally, before installing on your forms, look over the mandrel and do a few quality checks such as is the:

  • Red line facing outward?
  • Keylock facing up toward you?
  • Cast-A-Seal 603 firmly seated against the ledge of the mandrel?

So if you’re looking for a boot connector that meets a variety of ASTM’s such as C923 or C1478 and your job is going to require PVC pipes, then the Cast-A-Seal 603 just might be the perfect connector for your next job.