The 402 cast-in connector is a simple pipe-to-manhole connector manufactured for pipe diameters of 1.25” to 6” (32 – 150mm) PVC. The gasket meets or exceeds a wide variety of ASTM’s including C923, C1227 and C1644.

Additionally, the gasket comes in a closed or open face design to help with future construction of the collection system tank.

In this episode of Press-Seal-U, product development engineer Bobby Slocum shows us just how easy it is to assemble the cast-in connector to a mandrel.

Equipment Needed for Installation

Because of the simplicity of the CAS 402, it does not require a complex system of parts to assemble for either the precast producer or the contractor. To ensure you have the proper parts, we’ve come up with this simple checklist:

·        Ensure you have the correct size for the pipe coming into the structure

·        Mandrel with bolt that is attached to the outside jacket of the form

After attaching the gasket and the mandrel to the form and the precast producer finishes the pour, the keylock or T-lock, holds the gasket in place.

Gasket Installation Instructions

1.      Fold in the throated section of the gasket inward

2.      Now push gasket flush onto the mandrel with the throated section towards the flat section of the mandrel

3.      Ensure that gasket is completely flush to flat section by visually looking at entire circumference of gasket and mandrel

4.      Attach mandrel to outside jacket with supplied nut and bolt

After a structure is poured, you simply remove the mandrel and visually check that the throat of the gasket is coming out of the manhole.

Why the Cast-In Connector Has an Open and Closed Face Design?

When a jobsite has a predetermined set of pipes coming into the tank or manhole, the cast-in connector would have the open-face design installed. However, it’s not uncommon for additional pipes to be required at a later date when new homes or other structures are added to the job site.

In those instances, a precast producer will manufacture the structure with the closed-face cast-in connector. This not only allows for flexibility in the future, but it also gives the contractor the ability to still vacuum test the structure prior to those new pipes being inserted.

Where to use the Cast-A-Seal 402 Cast-in Connector

The Cast-A-Seal 402 cast-in connector is a versatile connector that can be used in storm water, wastewater or even septic tank structures with wall thicknesses of 2.5” to 6”.