Do you need butyl sealant tape for a manhole, septic tank, box culvert or maybe even a concrete pipe? Do you know the two styles Press-Seal offers and their differences?

If you’re a contractor out in the field, we also offer a Wrap Pak that gives you specific lengths to make it easier to install.

On this episode of Press-Seal-U, one of our product development engineers, Dan Gunckel, joins us to go over the basics of our EZ Wrap butyl sealant tape.

What is the Difference in our Butyl Sealant Tapes?
Sealant tapes in the market are very similar in their uses because of their adhesive properties. Materials for sealant are glass, metals or even roofing. Press-Seal’s EZ Wrap sealant helps seal joints used in water containment systems for storm water or waste water.

The main difference between our two tapes are their release backing – one is plastic while the other is rubber.

In the video, Dan explains the two differences.

·        Plastic backing is used in situations where UV resistance is not a concern or in climates that can cause the material to crack and break

·        Rubber backing is the more preferred material because of its UV resistance as well as its ability to withstand tougher conditions

Other differences in our butyl tapes are the sizes offered which are:

·        6”, 9” & 12” wide

·        50 or 100’ lengths

Attaching the Butyl Tape to a Concrete Surface
The design of some butyl tapes are for materials such as glass or metal, we manufacture ours to specifically adhere to concrete and no matter how well a structure or a pipe is made, and there can be small imperfections that might lower the sealing capabilities of the tape. That’s why we offer the option of a web adhesive or a primer.

·        Web Spray Adhesive – using this adhesive gives you an even greater sealing capability

·        Primer – used as a surface prep material and used in conjunction with adhesive, along with our sealant tape, you’re providing the best possible sealing solution at the joint

Contractors will Love EZ Wrap Pak’s
In the field it’s never convenient to be cutting up pieces of butyl tape to match the diameter of a structure or a pipe, so Press-Seal developed the EZ Wrap Pak which is available for 48”, 60” and 72” manholes.

They are precut 6” wide pieces and the Pak also includes the proper amount of canned spray adhesive based on the manhole size.

If you’re using EZ Wrap butyl sealant tape, are there other uses that you would recommend for our readers?