• Manhole hole former magnet
  • Round magnet hole former
  • Cam magnet hole former
  • Cam magnet in hole former

Magnets for Hole Formers

Interchangeable high strength magnets together with a fiberglass hole former shell provides the fastest and easiest way to hold hole former's in place; saving time and money. Magnets are easily transferred from one hole former to another, reducing the number needed. Each magnet has more than 300 pounds of force for secure mounting of hole former's.

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These are high strength magnetic inserts that firmly hold the hole former to the form core.

This design eliminates the need to use wire to tie hole formers to the cage or to screw or bolt the hole former to the form.

Why It's Better

  • Interchangeable
  • Faster and easier than wiring
  • Can be reused over and over
  • 300 pounds of force


The Round Magnet can be used with both the black Pro-Former polyethylene hole formers as well as the Magna-Former white fiberglass hole formers.


With the black polyethylene an interchangeable magnet plate must be used inside the hole former in order to hold it in place.