Cast-A-Seal products provide a flexible watertight pipe-to-structure connector for precast concrete structures in underground infrastructure. The design allows it to be placed into the structure form-work and it is cast into the concrete when it is poured, eliminating the time and expense of forming or coring holes.


Cast-A-Dapter is a rubber adapter that provides flexible, watertight sealing of single or multiple pipes and conduits into on-site treatment tanks.

Cast-A-Seal 12-08

Cast-A-Seal 12-08 is a unique cast-in boot-style connector for 8" pipe.

Cast-A-Seal 402/402F

Cast-A-Seal 402/402F is a watertight flexible connector that is cast into the structure when the concrete is poured and most commonly used in septic tanks.

Cast-A-Seal 603

Cast-A-Seal 603 is a mid-range cast-in, flexible watertight pipe-to-structure connector for 8” - 18” (200 - 450mm) PVC pipe.

Cast-A-Seal 802

Cast-A-Seal 802 is a cast-in, boot connector for larger pipes (18" +) in concrete structures with straight walls.

Cast-A-Seal 964

Cast-A-Seal 964 is the flexible boot cast-in connector with big advantages. Casting mandrels for 48" manholes eliminate the time and expense of forming or coring holes while ensuring a watertight seal.


Econoseal is a simple cast-in manhole connector that offers the contractor and engineer an easy installation and excellent sealing of pipes entering manholes.

Other Boot-Type Manhole Connectors

If you're looking for boot-type manhole connectors for cored or cast holes, then this product line would be the best fit for a variety of your project needs.

Boot-Style Connectors