• Black rubber manhole boot in concrete structure

PSX: Wedge Drive

PSX: Wedge Drive is a high-performance watertight pipe to manhole connector. It is a weld-free manhole connector utilizing innovative snap pins.

  • Used in wastewater and stormwater systems
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM C 923, ASTM C 1244, ASTM C 1478, ASTM F 2510


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PSX:Wedge Drive’s patented stainless steel power sleeve and adjuster installs quickly and easily providing a flexible watertight seal for the most demanding applications. It is manufactured with no welds or rivets for unmatched structural integrity and durability.

If you need a manhole connector that resists common underground contaminants, the PSX: Direct Drive Nitrile would be the proper product.

How It Works

  • The connector fits into a cast or cored hole.
  • A power sleeve made from tempered series 300 stainless steel expands with a wrench.
  • Take-up clamps made from series 304 stainless steel with quick adjusting screws secure the connector to the pipe.

Why It's Better

  • With no welds or rivets, the PSX: Wedge Drive delivers uncompromised reliability.
  • The snap pins provide an extra layer of defense, safeguarding your assembly against failures in the field.
  • The heart of the PSX: Wedge Drive boasts a 300 series stainless steel power sleeve.
  • Greater Cored Hole Flexibility: This nearly 25% increase provides cored holes addition size flexibility, less QC headaches and better core bit life, saving money.

Where To Use

  • Manholes
  • Wet wells
  • Square pump and lift stations
  • Stormwater structures
  • On-site treatment structures
  • Junction chambers
  • Grease interceptors
  • Vaults

Meets or Exceeds

  • ASTM C 923 – Standard Specification for Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Manhole Structures, Pipes, and Laterals
  • ASTM C 1244 Standard Test Method for Concrete Sewer Manholes by the Negative Air Pressure (Vacuum) Test
  • ASTM C 1478 – Standard Specification for Storm Drain Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete ZPipes, and Laterals
  • ASTM F 2510 Standard Specification for Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Manhole Structures and Corrugated High Density Polyethylene Drainage Pipes
Download Specifications
  1. Pipe-to-Manhole and Structure Connector Specification for Sanitary and Storm Sewer Applications:
  2. All pipe-to-manhole and structure connections shall meet and or exceed ASTM C 923, Standard Specification for Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Manholes, Structures, Pipes and laterals.
  3. All metallic mechanical devices, including castings, bolt assemblies, adjusters shall use non-magnetic 300 series stainless steel with no welds or rivets in its assemblies.
  4. If thermal plastic internal expansion rings or expansion wedges are used, they must be heavy duty automotive grade material molded with an expansion installation mechanism.
  5. The installation of the connector shall be accomplished at one time and shall require no additional adjustments or installation at a later time to ensure a watertight seal.
  6. Take up clamps shall use non-magnetic 300 series stainless steel and be installed in the field using a T-Handle Torque wrench set to 60 inch-pounds and installation shall follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. The connector shall be PSX: Wedge Drive, PSX: Direct Drive and PSX: Nylo Drive as manufactured by Press-Seal Corporation of Fort Wayne, IN or approved equal.