Concrete Pipe Gaskets

4G & 4F Profile Pipe Gaskets

The Type 4G & 4F profile gaskets were developed to specifically meet the needs of contemporary concrete pipe joint designs.

4G Nitrile Pipe Gaskets

Nitrile 4G Gaskets are high-performance gaskets for concrete pipe which combine watertight sealing performance with the ability to resist common underground contaminants.

O-Ring Pipe Gasket

Press-Seal O-Ring concrete pipe gasket for concrete pipe utilizing a confined groove. The straightforward design fits perfectly with the necessary joint for a perfect fit every time.

RFS Nitrile Pre-lubricated Gaskets

Nitrile RFS Pre-lubricated Pipe Gasket is a concrete joint gasket made from synthetic Nitrile Butadiene rubber polymer.

RFS Pipe Gasket

RFS prelubricated pipe gaskets provide simple and reliable sealing of joints in concrete pipe, manholes and other precast concrete products.