Rubber Gaskets

Box culvert being lowered down into a ditch with other concrete boxes

The alternative to precast concrete pipe is the building block of underground infrastructure called the box culvert. They are essentially the Lego of modern precast structures and simply snap together for easy installation. As with any product that utilizes a joint that could move, you inherently run the risk of infiltration or exfiltration. Therefore you […]

Closeup of a rubber gasket sitting on concrete pipe joint

A rubber pipe gasket is used for sealing underground collection systems and structures including the most common ones: Round Pipe Arch and Elliptical Pipes Box Culverts Jacking and Micro tunneling When considering which pipe gasket is right for your type of structure or application, you’ll find many varieties to choose from. So let’s start off […]

Septic tank gaskets made of a resilient rubber that meet ASTM C 923 come in a variety of sizes, designs and styles. Today we’re going to discuss 4 of them ranging in styles from simple push-in gaskets to mechanically installed gaskets. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Kwik Seal Compression Gasket The Kwik Seal gasket […]

Nitrile (Buna-N) and Chloroprene (neoprene) are the materials of choice when looking for oil-resistant pipe gaskets. However, the additional physical properties that these rubber compounds require to achieve oil-resistance have a major impact on compounding, processing and shelf life – which in turn has a major impact on availability, cost and installation. Pipe Gaskets and […]

It’s very important to not skip steps when installing pipe gaskets. If someone asks you to make a BLT sandwich, you’re not going to leave out the bacon are you? That’s a critical step in creating the sandwich. So it’s important not to skip steps when installing pipe gaskets. Sure, you could make an LT […]