Employee retention luncheon university of Saint Francis

Employee retention and attraction has become one of the top priorities for leadership in 2017. If the strategy to attract employees is not coupled with a retention strategy, you risk losing the employees you’ve worked so hard to recruit.

Do you have a written strategic plan for not only recruiting valuable employees, but retaining them as well? This is one of the most important parts of running a business, it’s vital to keep your staff happy and productive. Some employers know how to create a working atmosphere that some staff never want to leave, which only benefits the company. Before now, some employers have been able to apply employee retention strategies so well that when the company has had to relocate abroad, a high number of their staff have happily agreed to move abroad with them. Although they would have to restart their lives in a different country and try and apply for credit cards for non residents, they don’t mind because of how much they enjoy working for the company. This is the sort of thing that every company should aim for, loyal staff who want to benefit the business. To gain some tips on how to do this, keep reading.

Employee Retention Program

Press-Seal has an ongoing alliance with local universities and educational facilities in the greater Fort Wayne area to attract and retain qualified employees. It is an effort put forth by leadership to “Make manufacturing cool again” to educate students and parents that you can make a viable living through manufacturing.

Attract Talent & Job Shadowing Event

Part of this strategy for 2017 will include our attendance at the 2017 NICE Knowledge Cafe’ luncheon.

President John Kaczmarczyk will be speaking on points of family, community, education, university and business as well as the most valuable asset any company has – people.

You’re Invited

Not only will we be presenting at University of Saint Francis on May 17th, but we are also inviting local suppliers, faculty, students and parents to our facility for a grand tour and presentation. Would you like to attend our facility tour as well?

The mission of the Press-Seal Youth Career Readiness Program is to offer all students authentic career exploration opportunities inside local Fort Wayne businesses through a collaborative network of business leaders, educators, and community stakeholders.

The program will bring students, parents and business together in a process of career exploration. Students and parents will be involved in multiple “career shadowing” and internship opportunities during the student’s academic career. These authentic experiences will provide students with a foundational experience in areas of career interests and allow the families to reflect on the possibilities open to students in the Greater Fort Wayne business theater.

Our Invitation to Industry

Invitation to Parents

Learn More About Luncheon
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  1. […] Employee retention and attraction continues to be one of the top priorities for hiring managers and executives at all levels of companies across the country no matter how large or small. […]

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