• Nylon rail insert
  • Nylon rail insert
  • Nylon insert with steel sleeve
  • Insert for concrete rail tie

Nylon Rail Inserts

Our Nylon Rail Inserts provide a unique solution for rail maintenance and track engineers. The design and fabrication of the inserts reduces spalling and surface cracking. Applications include:

  • Direct fixation rail pads
  • Third rail brackets (electrical isolation anchor)
  • Restraining rail brackets
  • Anchor guard-rail
  • Concrete tie inserts for turnouts


INSULGARD contact rail bracket inserts and track inserts can be used in precast or core-drilled applications. They can also help protect against stray current traveling down anchor bolts into rebar, underground utilities, and adjacent metal structures. The INSULGARD polymer material provides excellent electrical insulation properties and easily passes all IEC and ASTM electrical isolation test requirements.

Each load cone on the INSULGARD NS78 insert transfers upward tensile force out into the concrete at a 35 degree angle. This provides exceptionally high pullout values by widening the concrete spall zone.

Features and Benefits

  • Significant cost savings over stainless steal
  • Engineered design exceeds life of concrete
  • No galvanic corrosion of fastening system
  • Superior heat and weathering resistance
  • Broad spectrum chemical resistance