CORE-MATIC Workhorse Manhole Coring Machine


  • Heavy-duty duel rail frame design.
  • Control/power unit can be placed on either side.
  • High output hydraulic power uit with fan/radiator.
  • Heavy-duty gearbox


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Press-Seal presents a new, heavy-duty hydraulic coring machine made for daily production at a price that fits almost any budget. The CORE-MATIC WORKHORSE combines solid construction with simplicity of set-up and ease of operation. This coring machine is designed to compliment a casting operation. It is for the pre caster who has customers who cannot wait for a manhole to be produced – core blanks. The Core-Matic Workhorse cores up to 72″ manhole bases and 42″ holes.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplified setup and operation
  • Coring capacity up to 42”
  • 72” Manhole capacity
  • 36” horizontal shaft extension
  • 15 HP hydraulic power unit

CORE-MATIC Workhorse Manual – Manual machine one-spindle, one-direction coring only. Manual operation only. Includes 15 HP 2-speed hydraulic motor, 90-inch turntable, separate hydraulic pump station with oil cooler and controls.

  • Choice of either 60″, 90″ or 116″ turntable
  • Horizontal pipe coring attachment
  • Bit change jib crane & hoist
  • Hydraulic tank heater
  • Quick change hub (female)
  • Quick change coupling (male)
  • Bit extension, A to A flange, 6″ or 12″
  • Spare turntable positioner
  • One lot of barrier guards
  • Power conversion to 380 VAC 50 Hz 3-phase
  • CM Turntable encoder option for digital degrees readout
  • 575V Electrical cross over package