CORE-MATIC Automated Manhole Coring Machine


  • Heavy-duty duel rail frame design.
  • Control/power unit can be placed on either side.
  • High output hydraulic power uit with fan/radiator.
  • Heavy-duty gearbox
  • PLC programmed for semi-automatic coring.
  • Expandable, upgradeable design.


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The CORE-MATIC NEW GENERATION coring machine is a heavy-duty, semi-automated machine for fast production of manholes and other cored structures. It features heavy-duty construction throughout, 25 HP hydraulic motor, Integrated oil cooler, and Siemens PLC with touchscreen controls for coring functions. It’s controller regulates coring pressure for maximum speed and bit life. The CORE-MATIC system offers a wide variety of options so the NEW GENERATION machine can be customized for any pre-caster. This machine design has too many features to mention, please call.

Benefits and Features

  • Readouts in both inches and metric units.
  • Built in encoder for precise drill carriage location at all times.
  • No steps to trip on with floor mounted operator control panel.
  • Ability to core two straight through holes in the same structure at once.
  • Automatically detects and corrects “stuck bit situation”.

CORE-MATIC AUTO – Automatic machine one spindle (does not include turntable) bi-directional coring capable and expandable. All CORE-MATIC Auto (CA) machines come with the smarter control package and include one day of start up, training, and travel costs to and from within the U.S. and Canada.

  • 2-spindle w/ bi-directional coring
  • 4, 6, or 8 spindle turret w/ bi-directional coring
  • Choice of 60”, 90″, and/or 116” turntables.
  • 90″ turntable or 116″ turntable w/ 32″ traverse power side shift.
  • Horizontal pipe coring attachment
  • Bit change jib crane & hoist
  • Hydraulic tank heater
  • Quick change hub (female)
  • Quick change coupling (male)
  • Bit extension, A to A flange, 6″ or 12″
  • Spare turntable positioner
  • One lot of barrier guards
  • Power conversion to 380 VAC 50 Hz 3-phase
  • CM Turntable encoder option for digital degrees readout
  • 575V Electrical cross over package